A Relationship Roadmap for Widows

Co-authored by Marti Benedetti and Mary A. Dempsey
Marti Benedetti & Mary Dempsey

Every year in the United States, 1.5 million men and women experience the death of a spouse or
partner. More than any other time in history, they crave a new chance at love. Our nonfiction book,
Finding Love After Loss: A Relationship Roadmap for Widows, examines the sweet, sad, and
sometimes zany path for getting back in the game.

We are long-time journalists, we are friends, and we launched this project out of curiosity after we
found ourselves planted at the strange crossroads where widowhood meets dating. One of us (Marti)
is a widow, the other (Mary) dated a widower. To answer our own questions, we began talking to
widows across the country, across age groups, across experiences. What we found was a dating
universe with far more resilience and greater heresy than we imagined.

Widows are living longer and have broader views on sex and money. Like everyone else, they meet
new partners online, in trains, planes, and cars (as well as libraries, gyms, bars, and grocery stores).
Where they diverge, however, is what’s fascinating.